And they thought I was crazy…

Well it happened! Despite our best efforts to keep the babies from getting sick, they both had a little touch of a stomach bug. And this is why we don’t go anywhere. I can’t imagine what they would catch if we actually got out of the house! It all started Thursday night. Derrick started feeling […]

4 month update and pictures!

Corbin and Lynley had their 4 month checkup and vaccinations this morning. Corbin weighs 11lbs and Lynley weighs 9lbs. Their Dr. is very impressed with their development, particularly how strong they are. She was a little concerned with the size of Corbin’s head, until she saw Derrick’s head! The men in Derrick’s family all have […]

Confession and 4 month photo preview

Confession time… I haven’t been feeling quite myself this past month. Things were getting pretty difficult for me emotionally until we finally figured out the right dose and medication for Lynley’s reflux. And her and Corbin still wanting to nurse every three hours was really wearing on me. I don’t know how many times I […]

Our bed time and nap routine

I think we’re about two weeks into sleep training, and overall it is going well. There have been some nights that our routine failed us and some days that naps didn’t happen, but the fact that it is 7:45p, and I have a chance to type this is a win. We have found that good […]

Milestones, sleep training and happy birthday!

Due to my lack of free time over the past couple of weeks, this is a post dump! I will have more time to blog now that the babies are sleeping longer at night, and I’m getting more sleep! (Now that I typed that, I’m cursed to have cranky babes.) But first things first…. I […]

3 month update

Wow! how time flies. The babies are 3 months old, but it still feels like we just brought them home! Their corrected age is just one month, so we’re hoping soon this newborn phase will end. We’re beginning to wear a bit thin with the every 3 hour eating schedule and not sleeping longer stretches. […]

Almost 3 months!

Wow, I’ve been slacking on the updates. Corbin and Lynley are in their 12th week of life, and we’ll take official 3 month photos in about a week. I want to do another photo shoot like we did for Christmas, but I’m stumped on ideas for poses and props. I’m open to suggestions, so send […]

A wonderful Christmas and a milestone

We had such a great Christmas with both of our families, and our first one together as a family of four. The babies met aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles for the first time, and will be meeting Papa and another uncle for New Year’s. Everyone on both sides is completely smitten by […]

2 months old and 3 weeks at home

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated, and that’s because I’ve had zero time. It’s a busy life with twins, and I’m lucky if I have time to brush my teeth and change my underwear! HA We are managing pretty well, and it will continue to get easier, I know.  I think we will […]