Our bed time and nap routine

I think we’re about two weeks into sleep training, and overall it is going well. There have been some nights that our routine failed us and some days that naps didn’t happen, but the fact that it is 7:45p, and I have a chance to type this is a win.

We have found that good napping during the day equals better sleep at night. We don’t have a rigid schedule with certain times that we have to adhere to for naps. I just follow their cues and make sure they get atleast one good long nap and a couple one hour naps. I don’t let them stay awake for more than two hours at a time, and two hours is really stretching it. At the first yawn, we go through our routine.

The routine we do at bedtime is the same routine we do for naps minus the bath step and there is playing/tummy time in the mix, but here are the steps:

Lullaby music
Down sleepy but awake (eyes closing, but not completely out)

For the most part, once they are down, they stay down. Sometimes it takes them a little while to fall asleep on their own, but we dont pick them up if they aren’t crying. When they do wake up during the night, which is also rare, we wait 5 minutes before soothing them. Still no picking up unless the patting and shhhing or pacifer doesn’t calm them. Most of the time when they can’t be soothed, an evil burp is the culprit! It takes only a couple of minutes to settle them once they burp, and they go straight back to sleep. The stuck burp cry is very apparent, so that is the only exception to the 5 minute wait rule.

This is working for us so far. We’re still learning and researching. We have good days and bad days, but thankfully, we have at least gotten through the “newborn” stage of eating every 3 hours. The coming weeks will only get better.

If anyone has other suggestions, we’re open to hearing your routines!