A wonderful Christmas and a milestone

We had such a great Christmas with both of our families, and our first one together as a family of four. The babies met aunts and uncles and great aunts and uncles for the first time, and will be meeting Papa and another uncle for New Year’s. Everyone on both sides is completely smitten by these two little angels, and can you blame them? I mean look at these faces….

To follow up on Lynley being at risk for cerebral palsy, we are continuing to pray her stiffness is just a symptom of reflux. We’ve increased her dose of Zantac and noticed that she is much more relaxed and not so scrunched up all the time. Poor baby must be in pain, but she doesn’t really cry out. She does get a bit colicky at midnight for a couple hours, and unfortunately that’s Daddy’s shift. It can be so very frustrating, but Derrick is doing a great job with both of them, and I’m so thankful I have a husband who is so hands on.

Corbin is growing so fast! The little butterball rolled over today, and I have video but again stupid blogger won’t upload! This is getting annoying. Here is a youtube link with no audio. :( http://youtu.be/ZwuwMh4WFXY

And I know what you are thinking.. I thought she said Lynley rolling over already was a red flag for CP? Yep, the doctor did say that, but her roll is much different. She was going from side to side when she was mad. She was straight as a board from her back. She hasn’t done it since we increased her med. Corbin rolled over normally from his belly, so I don’t believe he is at risk. We’ll definitely ask though, and we have video to prove it was normal too!