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Hi there! I’m Steffany, mom to twins, plus one, ovarian cancer survivor, former journalist and public relations professional turned Matilda Jane Trunk Keeper. I like to pretend that I’m a master of the Crock Pot, but I mostly burn everything I try to cook in it. I am a couponing novice, crafting DIYer, and a lover of Pilates.

I’m a native Texan, and so is my amazingly supportive husband, Derrick. We don’t fit into the stereotypical cowboy/rough and tough type. We do, however, really enjoy barbecue and Dr. Pepper, and we take annual photos in fields of bluebonnets. And yes, we do own pairs of cowboy boots, but there are no ten-gallon hats in our house! (My brother’s is a different story…)

Our journey to parenthood hasn’t come easily. After a couple years of infertility, our miracle twins were conceived through IVF- a story we just began openly discussing after feeling called to share. Faith plays a huge role in our family, even more so after our struggle. Corbin and Lynley, were born on October 20, 2012, nine weeks early. By the grace of God, our children had no physical, mental or health issues due to their prematurity, and so far have not displayed any developmental delays.

As we enter into “threenager” status, we are enjoying the full-of-life personalities that our little ones possess. Full-of-life is putting it mildly! Insert big-eyed emoji here. They challenge me, but they make me a better person. They teach me, and I teach them. We spend a lot of time doing Tot School activities, and learning through purposeful play. I often think they could care less about my schooling efforts, but my heart swells when I overhear them “teaching” their stuffed animals or sharing fun facts with friends or family members. They love to dance, play chase and hide and seek, and they love to be tickled. Our favorite pass time is to all cram onto the twins’ tiny bean bag chair and read books together and snuggle. This is my favorite part of being their mom! To me, there is nothing better than watching their imaginations and minds grow through storytelling.

We also happily welcomed a baby girl to our family on September 24, 2015— this time will little intervention! We love Harper’s big blue eyes, giant grin, and how much big brother and big sister love to love on her. She has such a calm spirit, yet there is so much determination in her. She makes our family complete.

On the blog, I write about our adventures of juggling boy/girl twins plus one, an 80-pound bundle of trouble, known as Jeep, and my family who lives five hours away. I’m not afraid to put it all out there. My posts are normally filled with pictures, and I try my best to make you laugh! I also post Tot School lesson plans and tips, recipes and craft projects.