3 month update

Wow! how time flies. The babies are 3 months old, but it still feels like we just brought them home! Their corrected age is just one month, so we’re hoping soon this newborn phase will end. We’re beginning to wear a bit thin with the every 3 hour eating schedule and not sleeping longer stretches. Most people are through this stage after having their baby home for 2 months, but we’re still trucking along.

Last post I promised to share our bedtime routine, but we gave up on the crib training for now. They just aren’t ready, so it’s back to sleeping in mommy and daddy’s room. We will revisit this in a few weeks. But don’t they look so cute in the beds? Too bad staying in there lasts just long enough for me to snap a picture, and then they scream!

Last post, I also had some concerns with Lynley. I took her off of the formula and the rash has cleared up for the most part. The dr. thought it was a contact rash from the spit up staying on her since she soaks her bib, and sometimes we don’t catch it at night to change her. She also had me eliminate milk from my diet because she suspects Lynley has a milk protein allergy. So it’s been 2 weeks with no cereal, yogurt or cheese. :( I’m dying without my daily bowl of frosted mini wheats! But it seems to be helping her, and it allows me to nurse her again and back off on the formula. We also started her on Prilosec, and are weaning her from the Zantac. For now it is working, but everything we try seems to be great at first until it’s not! She was gaining weight very fast on the formula even with all the spit up, but in 2 weeks, she’s only gained 6 ounces. This is not terrible, but not where the dr. wants her, so we will be offering her a supplement after nursing sessions and substituting a bottle of breastmilk with hypoallergenic formula (Enfamil Nutramigen) a feeding or two to help her put on some weight. She is just now at 8 pounds. I was shocked to not see a higher number because she really hasn’t been throwing up. She has one or two bad feedings a day, but the majority of the time she eats well and has dry burps. Hopefully she fattens up like Corbin!

Big man is weighing 10 pounds now and the dr. is very happy with his weight gain. He sleeps great unless he has a burp stuck, and lately he’s been holding on to them. I will try for 10 minutes to burp him sometimes, and he just snoozes. As soon as I lay him down, he cries because he has to burp… and that goes on and on sometimes for 45 minutes. I don’t know if I mentioned this last time, but he’s found his hands. He constantly has them in his mouth. It’s cute, but really gross! I don’t like slobber hands clawing at my face! hahaha That’s his new thing now. I’ll be holding him, and he literally climbs up my neck and grabs at me. Sweet, but ick!

Here are some pictures from their 3 month photo shoot. They also met Great Granny last weekend.

“Get away from me said the snake!” (if you don’t get this joke, go look up honey badger on youtuibe ;-P)

Four generations!


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    You need to change the title to Adventures of T I R E D new parents … hahha Hey you need to add their names to the adventures since they are the stars now … :) heehee

    Glad to hear Lynley is doing better .. PHEW! Eight pounds is good considering a just few months ago she was 3 pounds .. 😀

    Love and miss my baby girl, baby baby girl, boy baby, and big daddy!

    Mommy a.k.a. Nanner :)