Babies are home- week one down!

Corbin and Lynley have been home one week today, and boy has it been an adventure! I have a video of the homecoming, but it won’t upload. Boo! They came home last Friday and the weekend went great. They ate and slept well, and then Lynley started spitting up a lot every time she ate […]

Nursery reveal!

I finally finished up the nursery after waiting many long months to find the perfect shelf and mirror. I had some ups and downs finding baskets too! Teal, I thought would be hard to find because I didn’t think it was that popular. However, I got excited to see that it was the “it” color […]

I can’t believe our babies are one month old!

28 days, that’s how long it’s been since Derrick and I embarked on the biggest adventure of our lives. I can’t believe how quickly this has all gone by. Before we know it, Lynley and Corbin will be home and then walking, talking, going to school, and moving out on us! Let’s not jump that […]

Halfway through week 3!

I can’t believe the third week in the NICU is halfway complete! It’s all just a big blur, and I hope we only have a couple weeks left. Corbin weighs 4lbs and 7oz now, and Lynley weighs 3lbs 12oz. The babies are at this point just needing to learn to eat. They have been breathing […]

Week one: Check!

We made it through week one! The babies are doing so well. They have never needed oxygen, which really surprised the doctors. They are breathing on their own, but are being stimulated with caffeine until they each reach a certain weight, which I think is 1500 to 1600grams. Corbin had one episode on day two […]

Corbin and Lynley’s birth story

Here is the detailed version of the twins’ surprising birthday. I thought I’d at least make it to November, but they had different plans! It all started on Monday, October 16th. I went to work that morning and by the afternoon I was having so many contractions in an hour that I called my doctor. […]

Not the update 31 wk update I wanted to write!

This is the short version because I just lost the book I had written about our adventure this week, and I’m pissed! I’ll go into more detail later, but our twins are here! Very unexpected, but they are doing amazing in the NICU, and there are no health concerns. They are breathing on their own […]

Goodbye 20s, hello 30s! And some maternity pics

Most people have a mini-freak out when they say goodbye to their 20s and turn 30, but this is one of those times, when it feels great to be moving on! We are getting so close to meeting our babies! We had a great ultrasound and appointment on Thursday, and the babies each weigh 3 […]

Quick update and a request to friends/family

I just realized I never posted an update about the glucose screening test. I passed! I do not have gestational diabetes, and that’s great since I have been craving only sweets lately. I’m 29 weeks 3 days today, and we have an ultrasound tomorrow. My mom is coming in town tonight so she can attend […]