Introducing solids

They did it! Well, sort of… We introduced Corbin and Lynley to rice cereal on Saturday. I personally would have liked to skip this step and go straight into soft foods. But since they’ve been home from the NICU, the twins have been on some gross vitamins/iron supplement that just messes up their little tummies. […]

The first trip

We did it! And it was exhausting. Hence the reason it’s Thursday, and I’m just now getting around to writing a post about our visit to Nanner and Gramp’s house this past weekend. The five-hour drive went surprisingly well. Derrick and I took turns sitting in the back seat between the babes when they were […]

It’s amazing how quickly they grow and change

Photos from St. Patrick’s Day taken by Nanner. Wow! Corbin and Lynley are five months old today. In just one more month they will be half a year old! I fully understand now why my parents and others who have kids always say it goes by so fast. It’s like you blink and they are […]

Our new blog is almost ready!

Introducing Spit and Sparkles… Our new blog is almost complete! Becca at Jumping Jax Designs is putting the finishing touches on the design tonight, and I’ll be finishing the info on the new pages after that. But please go ahead and begin following us. You can find all of the posts of Adventures of Steffany […]

The first outing: shopping trip to Walmart

We went on our first outing while Nanner was in town, and we were so impressed with how well it actually went! Other than to the doctor and on a quick errand to the bank, the babies haven’t been into town. I’ve been itching to go somewhere, but then hesitate since I’m still worried about […]

Oh, the mommy guilt

I’ve been struggling with mother’s guilt lately, as I realize that I need a break and actually want one. And then I feel bad for wanting a break from my adorable little cuddle monsters! Recently, I cashed in a portion of my spa gift certificate that I received from Derrick for my birthday in February. […]

Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m thankful for an amazing husband. One who always supports me. Who recognizes when I’m frustrated and will take over for me with the babies. One who takes the late night feeding, so I can get some sleep. Who comes home early some days from work to give me a little free time. Whose […]

The end of an era…

Bye, bye little swaddle. This is what we walked into the other morning. I think it’s safe to say they’ve outgrown the baby straight jacket! We bought some larger, stage 2 swaddles, but they seem to be getting their arms up out of those too. My babies are growing up. Tear, sniff! (Notice Corbin also […]

Holy growth spurt batman!

The babes have become little porkers lately! Corbin went from drinking just under 5 ounces last week to wanting 6! Lynley bumped herself up to 5 from 4. We had been having trouble getting Corbin down, and we thought he was going through some separation anxiety, but he must’ve still been hungry because now he […]

Blog redesign

Stay tuned for a new look and feel to Adventures of Steffany and Derrick. I’m in the process of redesigning our page and growing our outreach. Not sure how long this will take, but it’ll be so much better once it’s complete! Thanks for hanging in there through our growing pains.