2 months old and 3 weeks at home

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated, and that’s because I’ve had zero time. It’s a busy life with twins, and I’m lucky if I have time to brush my teeth and change my underwear! HA We are managing pretty well, and it will continue to get easier, I know.  I think we will be much happier and well-rested when they start going 4 hours between feedings. Right now, we are lucky to get 2 to 3 hours because they’re getting breastmilk, and it digests quicker than formula, so they are hungrier sooner. Sometimes I think about just throwing in the towel and using up all the frozen milk I have and then switching to formula. I just want more than a couple hours stretch of sleep at a time. Four hours would be like heaven, but that wouldn’t be fair to them in my eyes, and my heart won’t let me give up. This has been a very important goal for me, and I CAN do this, and it will get better as they get bigger. (repeat to self 100x)

So updates…. they had their 2 month checkup today and got a bunch of vaccines. Poor babies have been so fussy all day, but they haven’t had any fever, which could be a side effect. They will settle down if we hold them, so needless to say we are spending our evening on the couch, and I’ve forgotten about the gifts that still need to be wrapped and the sheets that need to be changed for our guests coming tonight. (Sorry, mom!) We have to go back again on another week for a round of shots to help prevent RSV. They will get this monthly until cold season ends in April.

The biggest issue we have had with Lynley was spitting up, and I knew this was not just normal spit up. I followed up their initial dr. visit with another one last week, and just as I suspected, she was diagnosed with reflux. She has been on Zantac, and it is a world of difference. She still has wet burps, but not vomiting like she was. She has gained about 5 ounces since last week to 5lbs 13oz, which is around a half ounce of gain a day. Not terrible, but if she doesn’t gain some more weight soon, we will have to start fortifying breast milk to add calories to her diet. For now, we are going to hope that the mediocre weight gain is attributed to reflux and us limiting her in take. We will increase the amount of time I allow her to direct breastfeed and increase the volume of pumped milk from bottles now that she is able to keep more down. She is developing on track, however the dr. is going to be following her closely for cerebral palsy because she is a little stiff in her muscles and can already roll over from side to side (who would’ve thought that was a bad thing to do early?). Yeah, I know… your heart sinks to your stomach when that disease is mentioned. But, not to be alarmed! Our dr. really did not even want to mention it to us because Lynley could be so stiff because of the reflux and only rolling over by kicking around when she gets mad. She only does it when she cries really hard, so hopefully it’s just a fluke. Anyway, the dr. is just letting us know it’s on the radar. If Lynley has it, it would be a very minor case that could be helped with physical therapy. The way she explained it was that maybe Lynley couldn’t be a great athlete, but she will crawl, walk, etc. normally. In 4 to 6 months they will evaluate her and have an early childhood interventionist work with her if necessary. This is all standard for preemies, and it is a great thing that she is being watched so closely. I am incredibly thankful to have a great pediatrician looking out for her best interests. So send up a prayer that my little sweetheart will become a tennis pro, gymnast, cheerleader, dancer or whatever she desires one day.

Now on to Corbin, he has gained weight like a champ! He is 7lbs 10oz now, and his newborn clothes are getting a little snug. We call him our little butterball, even though to most people this is how big their baby is at birth. To us, he’s huge! His checkup went well, and there are no concerns. He does have a weird shaped head though! It’s a little flat on both sides, which is common for preemies because in the hospital they lay them from side to side. He won’t need a helmet to correct it. It should fix itself, and we will try to make him lay on the back of his head as much as possible and do more tummy time. I haven’t been doing tummy time with them. I don’t know why. I guess I thought that they were too little, and they still sleep a lot. They can both lift their heads up already, so we are going to be spending much more time on tummies when they are awake.

Now here is a photo dump from my attempt at a 2 month photo shoot! Hilarious!