Milestones, sleep training and happy birthday!

Due to my lack of free time over the past couple of weeks, this is a post dump! I will have more time to blog now that the babies are sleeping longer at night, and I’m getting more sleep! (Now that I typed that, I’m cursed to have cranky babes.) But first things first….

I have to brag on my husband at the beginning of this post in case some of you don’t make it to the end. He totally spoiled me for my shared birthday/valentine’s day. Full day at the spa including a facial, mani/pedi, massage, body wrap, champagne, some other stuff I can’t remember. It’s insane the amount of pampering I’ll be getting, although I’ll have to schedule this in 2 sessions because it would last 7 hours if I didn’t. I also got the new iPad, which I’m using right now with my awesome Zagg keyboard. And let me not forget to mention the small gestures, an amazing lunch with his family, chocolate covered strawberries, roses, and a spaghetti dinner. I am loved, and I feel blessed to have been given such a wonderful husband.

Here is a picture of the little ones in their Vday outfits!

Now onto the milestones….. Lynley recognizes us! She melted my heart the other day when she looked behind her to find me, and when she did, she had the biggest grin on her face. She definitely is aware of her surroundings, and she just wants to look around and take it in. Corbin takes everything in too, but doesn’t quite recognize us yet. He smiles during tickles, but I’m not sure it’s him actually smiling at me. We haven’t had that eye contact and grin yet, but I know it will happen soon. Both of them are so strong in their necks and getting closer and closer each day to turning over from back to belly. Lynley spins around in her crib, so we’re getting ready to put a bumper pad in hers. I don’t want to see any little arms or legs hanging out of the rails!

And since I mentioned cribs, you must be wondering if they’re sleeping in them yet. Yes!!!! (that deserves a million exclamation points!) We had to ditch the training a couple of weeks ago, but over the past week, both have become ready. We’ve started a nap and sleep routine, and it has been going so well. Please pray that it continues. We have an entire routine, but I’ll save the step by step details for another post. If you can call it sleeping through the night, then we have babies sleeping through the night. However, they still wake up to eat, and then go straight back to sleep. On occassion we will have to go console them, but it take no longer than 5 to 10 minutes. Lynley will go 5 hours between feedings twice, so her bedtime bottle is round 7 or 8 and then she doesn’t eat again until midnight or 1am! Then she eats again around 5am, after that she’s back on every 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Corbin is not quit there yet with going longer than about 4 to 4 1/2 hours between meals, but last night he woke up and took only one ounce during a 6 hour stretch, so I think we’ll be able to cut that out and have him sleep straight through. I’m perfectly ok with this because it’s better than getting up every 3 hours. Once we introduce solids they will be able to go longer than 6 hours without food, but right now that is the max for them.

4 month checkup is next Wednesday, so more updates to come. Also, we had a rep from an Early Childhood Intervention program come out to start the process of evaluating them for developmental delays, so I will post about that next week.