Goodbye 20s, hello 30s! And some maternity pics

Most people have a mini-freak out when they say goodbye to their 20s and turn 30, but this is one of those times, when it feels great to be moving on! We are getting so close to meeting our babies! We had a great ultrasound and appointment on Thursday, and the babies each weigh 3 pounds. They were moving all around and everything measured right on track. We got an up close look at Miss Lynley, who was staring right at us! I think her eyes were open, but of course we couldn’t tell for sure.

We also got a great look at her ear, but the tech didn’t print a picture. Derrick and my mom, who was able to attend the appt. with us, immediately said, “oh she has your ears!” I couldn’t tell because it went away so fast, but I have very distinctive ears, what my family has deemed “elf ears”, thanks Daddy! I don’t know why, but it just makes me feel very proud to know she has one of my traits. Obviously, I knew she’d look like one of us, but it’s just “real” now. Can’t wait to meet my precious girl!

We didn’t really get any great shots of Corbin. He was “hiding” again, and he’s still just chilling out. He looks very comfy in there, and hasn’t moved positions much the entire pregnancy. Lynley, however, has flipped back to a breech position. :( Very disappointed about that, but we still have time for her to move back to a head-down position.

How far along? 30 weeks
Weight gain/loss: 38 lbs. and counting. I definitely feel the extra weight gain this week. Most of it is due to swelling, but my doctors say it’s still nothing to be concerned about. Just a normal pregnancy pitfall.

Feeling: Starting to slow way down! I cannot be on my feet as much because they just kill me with all the swelling. I have two pairs of flats that fit me at the moment, and they are not that comfy. But I only need to make it a few more weeks. I did buy some really soft, plush slippers. Maybe I’ll wear those to work! HA

Sleep: Ridiculously hard to come by. I cannot get comfortable, and laying down all the way isn’t really an option anymore. My reflux seems to have gotten much worse, and I had a bad case of “verps” (vomit burps) last night. :( it wasn’t fun at all. I sleep in 2 to 3 hours stretches. Better get used to that!
Food cravings: Everything sweets! I really wanted something pumpkin flavored, but unfortunately our grocery store doesn’t have pumpkin bread yet! WHAT?? Maybe I should really make those pumpkin snickerdoodles, I keep talking about…  
Movement? Crazy movement all the time. I feel them both at the same time often, but Lynley is still the more active one.
And now to the grand finale… maternity pictures! Here are my favorites from our trip to a little historic town down the road from us. It was a “Pumpkin Festival” with no pumpkin patch or pumpkin bread! (really stinking want that pumpkin bread!) We did find a really cute rustic cabin and then took pics around the town square where they had pumpkin/fall decorations at the various stores. I think we ended up with some great shots even though it wasn’t what we expected. And I love our family picture with Jeep at our front door. Great day!