Halfway through week 3!

I can’t believe the third week in the NICU is halfway complete! It’s all just a big blur, and I hope we only have a couple weeks left. Corbin weighs 4lbs and 7oz now, and Lynley weighs 3lbs 12oz.

The babies are at this point just needing to learn to eat. They have been breathing on their own very well. They sometimes have little episodes at night where they forget and have a heart rate drop, but nothing the last two nights! Check one on the goals they need to meet for going home. And check two, today. They can now regulate their body temperature on their own and came out of the warmers and incubators today. Both are wearing clothes and being swaddled, and I hope everything goes ok tonight and they don’t end up back in them tomorrow.

The third check mark they need is to be able to eat from a bottle or the breast, and that is slow going. They are so little and still get tuckered out, but we continue to try every day. They don’t quite know what to do with the milk once they get it in their mouths. We are making progress. Lynley has been interested for a while now in her paci, and I am starting to see much more interest with Corbin. Both are showing the appropriate hunger cues, and all we can do is keep offering. Eventually, maybe in the next week, they will get the idea of breathing and swallowing at the same time!

My turn to eat. No, MY turn!

At the end of last week, we gave them their baths for the first time. Both were still in the warmer/incubator, which made it difficult. We did give them another bath on Sunday in the tub, and that was much easier and so much fun! They both did surprisingly well… other than Corbin pooping in the water just as we were finishing and Lynley pooping on her blanket when we were getting her ready! Hahahaha

As for mom and dad, we are doing ok. Traveling back and forth is tough, and we have been having a hard time with the realization that we need to take some time away to rest and take care of ourselves. I normally stay for 4 to 5 hours each day, but it’s just becoming too much with me not being able to sleep due to my pumping schedule. So I left early twice last week and felt so much guilt, but I’m working through it. I know that I have to stay well or I will not be able to visit at all. It’s a daily pep talk! Derrick has been going every day for a couple of hours in the mornings and he stayed home one day not feeling well. That was very hard on him. We know that as much as we want to be there holding them every minute, they need time to be left alone without us “poking” and “petting” them!

The breast milk pumping is still going amazing! I’m making so much that we have to buy a deep freezer to store some of it. The NICU is about to “kick me out” of their freezer because they just don’t have enough room. I plan on donating some of the milk to the Mother’s Milk Bank once I am confident I have enough for my two first, probably when the babies come home. I have to admit though that this is one hard job! I tip my hat to all moms who breast feed or pump. It’s much more difficult than I expected, but I am finally getting into a routine. I have maximized my sleeping this week and am starting to feel much more rested and confident that I can continue.