15 month update

15 months, did I just write that!?! My, oh my, how they’ve grown. Can you believe that my little preemies are keeping up with their peers and surpassing them developmentally in some areas? I’m just in awe of how amazing God’s miracles are. If you’re not a believer in miracles, just read our story. Corbin […]

I’m doing the best that I can

That’s something that I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. So many days the laundry goes unfolded, the dishes pile up in the sink, I’m still in pajamas when Derrick gets home from work, and dinner is eaten out of a cereal box rather than from the stove. It’s hard raising twins. It’s hard raising […]

Baby laughter and the things we to do to get it

A baby laughing has to be one of the cutest things ever. Especially because they laugh at the silliest things. Over. and over. and over. It’s hilarious! We recently discovered a new trick that turns Corbin and Lynley into little giggle boxes. You have to watch the whole video. It will make you smile so […]

7 months!

Happy 7 months to Corbin and Lynley. They have really hit a growth spurt this month, and both babies are little giggle boxes! FEET! Corbin weighs about 15 pounds! He is wearing size 3 diapers and 3 to 6 month and some 6 month clothes. He can sit up for short periods of time and […]