My first giveaway: Target gift card, plus more

stranger anxiety, twins, 7 months

Corbin and Lynley are now 7 months old, and one of the milestones that comes with this age is stranger anxiety.

Both of them have to see Momma at all times or a meltdown will ensue, even with Daddy some times. So, I decided to make them a little photo album with our pictures and pictures of their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I finally got to use the new printer I received for Mother’s Day!

The photo albums help them develop pattern recognition and fine motor skills, like turning pages, along with hopefully feeling more comfortable when family visits.

I found the cutest little albums at Target. Perfect for grimy little hands because it can be wiped off easily. I like them so much that I want you guys to have the opportunity to win two of them! And since it’s such a small prize, I’m throwing in a $10 Target gift card along with one of the photo albums. Two winners. Good luck!

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    Your blog is so cute! I love that I get to keep up with ya’ll! I like buying clothes at Target, but with a newborn it’s impossible to try anything on. So I buy a lot and take back everything I don’t like. Drives Brad crazy!

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      Thanks Crady! I love keeping up with your blog too. I completely understand the buy and return constantly habit! I even try things on in the store, then try them on at home and return them. Something about those mirrors and bright light at the stores…. haha!

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      It’s a tough phase, but I kind of think it’s sweet that they are so attached! I know that soon they will both be running from me in different directions!

      I hope you win one the albums! Good luck.

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    your babies are precious! i have 2 boy/girl grandbabies that I call my twins. one is 10 months, one is 8 months. visiting from the blog hop.

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    Brilliant photo album idea; Addie is freaking out lately when I leave the room, I may have to try this too!

    As for what I like to buy at Target…um…LITERALLY EVERYTHING. :) If I could just go buy something random for no reason, I would probably pick out a pack of notecards. I adore their stationary lines.

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      Good luck! I love browsing the stationary and office supply aisle, but I never buy anything because I have a collection at home still waiting to be used. It’s like my mom’s obsession with pens. (Sorry, mom!)

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    Congratulations on your first giveaway!! Thank you for inviting me and hope to see you at the next Raising Imperfection :)
    Back next week!

    Oh … and I’d buy anything at Target with the funds … but probably a cute new hat for summer!

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

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    Hello! I am a new follower from the blog hop, and really happy to find you. It would be lovely if we could follow each other. My baby is 9 month and she is still having stranger anxiety, it really is so hard. I cannot leave the room at the moment without her crying. I think this is a lovely idea and I think this would really help! Thanks for sharing. Have a great day.