15 month update

15 month old twins #miraclebabies

15 months, did I just write that!?! My, oh my, how they’ve grown. Can you believe that my little preemies are keeping up with their peers and surpassing them developmentally in some areas? I’m just in awe of how amazing God’s miracles are. If you’re not a believer in miracles, just read our story.

Corbin and Lynley continue to be blessed with normal, healthy bodies and minds, and we are so grateful and proud. Their doctor says they are both performing right on track for their actual age (no more corrected age, yay!) and even surpassing expectations and acting like 18 month olds in some areas, like speech and gross motor skills. Here’s the current rundown of the words they both say.

Mama, Dada, ball, dog, Jeep, duck, cat, yum, hi, yeah, nah-nah (Nanner)

Additionally, Corbin says tickle, tickle and “quack, quack,” and Lynley says “Cor,” which means Corbin and hello.

We have a little bit of work to do with fine motor skills, like eating from utensils. Yeah, I know. That’s my fault. I’m kind of obsessive about them staying somewhat clean during meals. But, I truly have been working on this, and Lynley just about rips my head off if I don’t let her use the spoon herself now. So it’s not that they can’t do it. They just haven’t had the opportunity to practice. We’ll also be venturing out of our comfort zone and moving to straw cups or open cups and using plates and baby forks. I am working on a complete Tot School lesson for mealtime. This should be interesting…

As for the other things they do… they run, blow kisses, kiss each other, laugh and fight over just about every rubber duck we have, which is maybe a dozen! Lynley dances and is working on perfecting her back-flip. Corbin pretty consistently picks out the correct ball when asked to bring mommy or daddy the basketball, soccer ball or football. Lynley cannot go anywhere without a baby doll in tow, or two or three! Corbin loves to brush his hair, and Lynley loves to have her teeth brushed. They both love to take bubble baths and play in the laundry baskets. Corbin pushes Lynley around in the baskets, and then tries to get inside with her even in the smallest of baskets. Like the time they both tried to get inside the bucket of the little dump truck! I wish I would have gotten a picture of that! One foot in each… They also both give high fives, and have started exploring faces and belly buttons! Good thing Santa brought them the Belly Button Book for Christmas!

Corbin weighs 21.2 pounds. Lynley weighs 19 pounds. He’s in the 26th percentile, and she is in the 21st. I’m pretty pleased with that, considering they both started out in the .03! He’s 30 inches tall, and she is 29.5. My little shorties! She’s definitely hitting a growth spurt because this is the first time since birth that he has not been two inches taller than her. He has eight teeth, and she has six, going on seven. They both still wear mostly 12 month clothes with some 9 month bottoms. Lynley can still wear some of her 9 month tops, but I have packed Corbin’s away. He wears size four shoes, and she wears size three. Both still wear size four diapers.

They’re just typical toddlers who are extremely happy and silly! I’ll take it!

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    Your twins are PRECIOUS! My twin girls just turned 3 and seem so grown up all of a sudden. I SO enjoyed reading your 15-month update because it took me back in time. Great memories! Enjoy every moment. PS- I love their names!

    – Tasha @ Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body {www.designertrapped.com}