Screw you baby molars!

Teething sucks. If you didn’t catch my tone from the title, this is a negative post. We’re all quite miserable in this house right now, except maybe Corbin. The reason being… Lynley’s first set of baby molars. One down, and three to go. Lord help us! The past couple of weeks have been filled with […]

Happy Half-Birthday! Corbin & Lynley’s 18 month update

We celebrated Corbin and Lynley’s half-birthday on Easter, and just like every milestone, it just sneaked up on us! I thought the first year flew by, but this second year of life is going quicker. One day my babies were babies and the next, they’re becoming independent little kids! It’s mind-blowing how fast they develop, […]

A girl and her Bear

Forming an attachment to a lovey is common in “toddlerdom.” Corbin and Lynley have been sleeping with a little stuffed animal or security blanket since they learned how to roll over and stopped wanting pacifiers. During the last few months, Lynley has shown favoritism to one special lovey, but not before testing out quite a […]

How to trick your toddler into eating {Product Review}

I don’t think it’s necessary to use the word picky in front of toddler because being a toddler means being curious about everything, which in turn produces finicky, emotional little people. Just read this post. After age one, I guess this switch goes off, and they begin to question everything, including that yucky, orange stuff […]