I am MOM, Hear Me Roar

  How often do you get asked what you do for a living? It’s a common conversation starter, and since deciding to leave my career to stay home with my twins, it’s something I’ve felt insecure about answering. But not anymore, and you shouldn’t either! Society has a funny way of making us stay-at-home moms […]

Wordless Wednesday: What a difference a year makes!

Happy Halloween! We’re so excited to be celebrating this year at home instead of in the hospital. My, my the difference a year makes! Last year at 11 days old, Corbin and Lynley went as rockstars, a fitting costume since they did coin that name by the nurses because of how well they did. We […]

Twins Sugar & Pumpkin Spice First Birthday

Happy birthday to my little pumpkins! Corbin and Lynley are ONE today! We celebrated their first birthday with family and friends yesterday, and our theme was sugar and pumpkin spice. It turned out wonderfully! We are so thankful for everyone who came out to celebrate with us. Turning one is so bittersweet. I’m incredibly proud […]

Play room redesign

It wasn’t long ago that we transformed one of our guest rooms into a play room for Lynley and Corbin, and we’re already rethinking our design. Our original  focal point was a window bench with storage, and until the babies were learning to walk it wasn’t a problem. But we’ve had two busted lips, countless […]

Wordless Wednesday: Reflections

I cannot get enough of these beautiful photos from our trip over Labor Day weekend. Nanner and Gramps have a beautiful front door made of iron and glass at their house, and it makes for the perfect photo spot. I love seeing my babies in the sunlight and gazing into their beautiful blue eyes! I […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Face Take 2 {Video}

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of Lynley’s signature face. Hers is an “excuse me?” kind of sassy face. Well, Corbin has developed a signature look of his own. I have no idea how to describe his though! See for yourself. And when he makes this face, almost always, “special kisses” are to follow. […]

A mini-road trip and visit to the Houston Downtown Aquarium

Last weekend, Derrick and I drove to Houston to meet up with my family for some fun at the Downtown Aquarium. Since, Orange (where my family lives) is about a five- to six-hour drive now from Austin, we thought it made more sense to meet semi in the middle in Houston. We stayed at a […]