I am MOM, Hear Me Roar


How often do you get asked what you do for a living? It’s a common conversation starter, and since deciding to leave my career to stay home with my twins, it’s something I’ve felt insecure about answering. But not anymore, and you shouldn’t either! Society has a funny way of making us stay-at-home moms feel like we don’t have “real” jobs. But our jobs go beyond the average 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m work day.

Just last week, I was at a new doctor to have a little cyst on arm removed. They have to ask about employment on the patient form to get a full understanding of your limits, etc. for whatever procedure you’re having. I just wrote N/A. I guess that I should have written SAHM because when I saw the doctor, he asked me, “So, what do you do in real life?” I found myself defending my choice to stay at home by saying, “I stay home with my twins. That’s a job!” Why didn’t I just proudly say that I am busy raising twins? Who cares if he thinks that staying home with babies doesn’t count as a real job (and he probably doesn’t think that, but many people do.) It counts for my family, and I am lucky enough to have the choice to do so. I know many moms who would love to be in this position. And we shouldn’t have to constantly feel the need to defend it. Like it makes us less of a person to not “work”… I work plenty.

In fact, in the future I think that I will list the following jobs on the form under employment:

1. Caregiver
2. Nurse
3. Financial Planner
4. Nutritionist/Chef
5. Teacher
6. Artist
7. Singer
8. Housekeeper
9. Chauffeur

I am sure there are many more jobs that we moms actually do, and that list of jobs will certainly grow as my kids get older. But you get the idea. Moms work really hard not only to keep their children happy, but to keep a household running smoothly. Working moms just have one more hat to wear. This is something I have had to come to face during my first year at home with Corbin and Lynley. I always thought that I would continue working after becoming a parent, and I even went on a job interview recently. Fortunately, I wasn’t offered the position because it’s not something I think I am truly ready for.

I am learning to be ok with the fact that my peers will no longer see me as the writer, award-winning journalist or public relations professional that I once was. Those were prestigious jobs that I loved, but nothing can compare to the achievement or success I’ve gained being Corbin and Lynley’s mom. It reaches far beyond any dream that I could have ever imagined for myself.

I’m not shutting the door on working outside of our home in the future, but right now I think I have plenty of jobs, don’t you!?! If you liked this post, please share it.

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    Steff you make everything that is all jumbled up in my head sound so easy to explain. Its rewarding with every little accomplishment that they make but at the same time no one else is there to see how much effort and love hours into every step of the day that you do. And you are an AMAZING mother to lynley and corbin. :-) love you!

  2. says

    I would love to be a Stay at Home mom. I would be able to spend more time with my son and get all the household stuff done. I run around all day, between work and extra-curriculars but I believe being a SAHM is extremely difficult. I wish for it but I don’t think I can do it!

  3. says

    I am a stay at home mom like you but I do not have twins so I guess I have half of your work… 😛
    I think people ask silly things all the time and you are best off if you let it go and perhaps, if you think up witty answers to the most popular questions. I love the: “so when are you going to have another baby?” and the: ” are you STILL breastfeeding?!”.
    I really enjoy your blog and I will try to read it more regularly.
    We just moved to Spain from Thailand so once, we get settled in, I will have a blogging/reading routine. :)
    xoxo, Eszter