Wordless Wednesday: Party Prep

Our house is a disaster! Take a look at my dining room table. Sadly, it’s looked like this for awhile now, but it’s gotten increasingly worse with all of the crafting I’ve been doing for the babies’ Pumpkin Spice First Birthday this Saturday. Full on MESS! I’ve been working tirelessly on a first year photo […]

Wordless Wednesday: Laundry

My nemesis is at it again…. I hate you laundry! This is a throwback post. Yeah, I know it’s not Thursday. But THIS is how I’m feeling today. If only, they could truly help me fold these piles! Laundry, oh laundry How I dislike you so No matter how many washed loads, you just seem to grow […]

Wordless Wednesday: Reflections

I cannot get enough of these beautiful photos from our trip over Labor Day weekend. Nanner and Gramps have a beautiful front door made of iron and glass at their house, and it makes for the perfect photo spot. I love seeing my babies in the sunlight and gazing into their beautiful blue eyes! I […]

Wordless Wednesday: The Face Take 2 {Video}

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of Lynley’s signature face. Hers is an “excuse me?” kind of sassy face. Well, Corbin has developed a signature look of his own. I have no idea how to describe his though! See for yourself. And when he makes this face, almost always, “special kisses” are to follow. […]