How to trick your toddler into eating {Product Review}

I don’t think it’s necessary to use the word picky in front of toddler because being a toddler means being curious about everything, which in turn produces finicky, emotional little people. Just read this post. After age one, I guess this switch goes off, and they begin to question everything, including that yucky, orange stuff […]

Pass the sponge, please!

With “toddlerdom” looming in our household, it has become challenging to keep the twin messes to a minimum. I’ve blogged about my difficulty in letting C and L self-feed before due to messiness, but they’ve since gotten the hang of finger foods, and are actually pretty neat eaters. That is, until we started introducing mealtime […]

11 month update

My little ones are 11 months old today. They’re going through a major growth spurt right now with teeth coming in, hair growing in Lynley’s case, getting taller and chubbier, and eating everything in sight! Corbin and Lynley have started standing without support for a few seconds at a time. Corbin has actually taken one […]