I am MOM, Hear Me Roar

  How often do you get asked what you do for a living? It’s a common conversation starter, and since deciding to leave my career to stay home with my twins, it’s something I’ve felt insecure about answering. But not anymore, and you shouldn’t either! Society has a funny way of making us stay-at-home moms […]

Tot School- Object Recognition

Corbin and Lynley are not quite old enough for all of the awesome activities I keep seeing other moms post for Tot School, so we’ve still been focusing on purposeful play. The theme for about two weeks now has been object recognition and language learning. Some other concepts are thrown in there as well, but […]

I’m doing the best that I can

That’s something that I’ve been telling myself a lot lately. So many days the laundry goes unfolded, the dishes pile up in the sink, I’m still in pajamas when Derrick gets home from work, and dinner is eaten out of a cereal box rather than from the stove. It’s hard raising twins. It’s hard raising […]