Thankful Thursday

Today, I’m thankful for an amazing husband. One who always supports me. Who recognizes when I’m frustrated and will take over for me with the babies. One who takes the late night feeding, so I can get some sleep. Who comes home early some days from work to give me a little free time. Whose eyes light up when Corbin or Lynley smile at him or do something new. Who loves baby kisses and snuggles, changes yucky diapers, helps with bath time and reads bed time stories.

One who also provides a wonderful life for his family, a beautiful home and nice vehicles to drive. And pays for a cleaning service! Who strives to make me happy and feel loved. Who tells me I’m beautiful on my worst days. Thank you Derrick for all that you do. You are truly one in a million, and I am so grateful God gave me you.

And a thank you to my wonderful mother, who drove five hours to come to my rescue while Derrick is out of town this weekend. Despite having a lot going on at work and assignments to turn in for grad school. You are my hero!

**You may begin noticing a watermark on our photos. We’re moving to a new blog soon! Stay tuned for its debut.**



  1. says

    Anything for my children and grand babies!!
    (Within my power, of course .. ha)

    We are the lucky ones to have YOU in our lives.

    Lovies and huggies
    Mommy aka Nanner