I am in love with this new nail polish!

Peachy Breeze by Sally Hansen

I bought this nail polish at Target the other day because the bright color caught my eye.  Then I read Insta-dry.  Hmmm, could that actually be possible and not turn out looking like crap?  The answer is: YES!  It totally works and looks great.  I painted my nails on my lunch break and they were dry instantly.  I started with my thumb nail and painted over to my pinky.  By the time I got to the last nail, the thumb nail was dry!  I am impressed, and I do believe I will be buying more colors in this brand.  I actually like wearing polish, but I am very lazy when it comes to waiting for it to dry. No matter how long I wait, I always end up messing one or two or three nails up.  Never again!  So do yourself a favor and try this new polish.  You will not be sorry!