Great weekend & tons of projects coming up!

Good Monday morning everyone!

Derrick and I had a nice relaxing weekend, and we needed it because things are about to get super busy!  We got some much needed cleaning done on Saturday, and I still have more to go.  I will be cleaning closets this week.  Donating old clothes and shoes, and trying to organize the guests closets which are full of unpacked boxes from our move over a year ago.  Oopsies!  There will probably be some throwing away and donating from those boxes, as most of them are things from childhood and just plain junk.  Yay for Spring cleaning!

Sunday, we took Jeep to the park.  We had a picnic first, and then we went for a hike to see the falls.  It was a great day weatherwise, and Jeep played in the water!  It was so cute to see him swim.  He licked at the water as he swimming, and Derrick and I cracked up!  Here’s a picture of my two guys in front of one of the smaller waterfalls.
This week will be busy for us, and so will the rest of the month.  The biggest thing we’re looking forward to this week is the installation of our hardwood floors on Saturday!  We are so happy to be getting rid of our carpet.  Having a big dog inside does not go so well with light beige carpet. :(  We’ve broken 2 vacuum cleaners trying to keep all the hair up too.  ICK!  And aside from that, it will look great.  We picked a Brazilian Redwood that ended up matching our cabinets perfectly.  And speaking of cabinets, we bought some handles that we hope to install soon in the kitchen.  It’s a big job as we have about 45 doors/drawers to put these on. 
Lots of outside projects are in the works too.  In April, we’re redoing our landscaping, and I’ll be holding a garden party for my family and friends to help plant and design our beds.  We are going to be busy bees this spring!  Look for pictures and updates on our projects soon!