In the home stretch: 3rd trimester here we come!

I’m so happy to be posting our update this week because it’s a major milestone for mommys-to-be of twins to make it to the third trimester! This week, the babies are practicing opening their eyes and are growing eyelashes. I cannot wait to see what color their eyes will be, but I know they will be beautiful. Not to brag, (ok maybe just a little)  but Derrick and I both have some pretty eyes, at least that’s what we’re told. 😉
How far along? 28 weeks.
Weight gain/loss: 31 lbs. and counting. Here are the latest belly pics. WARNING: there’s a bare belly shot that might blind you because I haven’t seen the sun in awhile, or it just might scare you by how huge it is! I just said to my co-workers Friday that I thought I should be bigger given how far along I am, and what would you know, the babies grew overnight.

Feeling: Still just moving a bit slower, but overall great! I have started getting anxious about completing my to-do list. It’s hard to accomplish when my hubby makes me lounge around all day with my feet up. I know, what wife in their right mind wouldn’t be loving it? It’s just not my personality to be a couch potato, but I appreciate him and the help with chores so much!
Sleep: Really hard to come by these days since Corbin is sitting right on top of my bladder, and I have to literally run to the bathroom when he makes the smallest movements. I really look forward to my weekend naps.
Food cravings: I am finally starting to crave sweets. (see previous post below about brownies!) I <3 ice cream sandwiches! (so does Derrick, ssshhh) I did the glucose screening on Friday, and I have not gotten my results yet. I’m told I’ll get a call if anything is abnormal, so fingers crossed I have to call them for the results. I think it’s funny that I never craved sweets until it was time for to test for gestational diabetes. I really hope that I passed the test because I can’t even imagine not eating any of the pumpkin snickerdoodles I plan on baking this week.
Movement? We got the best news ever at my last appointment! Lynley has moved into a vertex position, which means she is head first and in a vertical position right beside her brother instead of being on top of him laying diagonally. Thank you for all the prayers on that front because they were answered, and now we’re this much closer to having the delivery experience we’re hoping for (no c-section). Continue to pray she and Corbin both stay that way!