My first Mother’s Day

I feel so incredibly blessed to be celebrating this day today. I’ve wanted to become a mother for many years, and God has truly answered my prayers by letting me be Corbin and Lynley’s mommy. This day that I have waited for couldn’t have been more beautiful.

Derrick and the babies bought me a new printer, which I was thrilled to receive! I keep having trouble printing pictures from the current one I have, a hand-me-down from my mom that is at least 5 years old. That printer was great to her and I guess I messed it up… oopsie! The paper doesn’t feed correctly anymore and the pictures just come out looking wonky. So anyway, I cannot wait to start printing tons of baby pictures. I’ve wanted to get my thousands of pictures, yes I said thousands and the twins are only 6 months old, printed for photo albums for a while now. But it was going to cost a fortune through Walgreens, and hey maybe it will cost a fortune in printer ink at home, but at least it’s instant gratification. :)

The babies also signed a very sweet card for me. Derrick bought me two other cards from him that were very sweet. We ate pancakes. We got dressed up. We went to church. We spent time with family. It was a full day, and just perfect!



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    Happy Happy First Mommy’s Day!
    I am sooo happy you had a wonderful time. Thanks for Skype-ing with me. I love yall!

    Mommy a.k.a. Nanner :)