How to trick your toddler into eating {Product Review}

I don’t think it’s necessary to use the word picky in front of toddler because being a toddler means being curious about everything, which in turn produces finicky, emotional little people. Just read this post. After age one, I guess this switch goes off, and they begin to question everything, including that yucky, orange stuff […]

Pass the sponge, please!

With “toddlerdom” looming in our household, it has become challenging to keep the twin messes to a minimum. I’ve blogged about my difficulty in letting C and L self-feed before due to messiness, but they’ve since gotten the hang of finger foods, and are actually pretty neat eaters. That is, until we started introducing mealtime […]

Corbin’s First Haircut + Our Nuby Grooming Set

We finally did it! During our Christmas vacation, we took Corbin to get his first haircut! It was such a bittersweet occasion, as I watched my baby boy’s wavy blonde hair hit the floor. Within ten minutes, he went from looking like a precious baby to resembling a strikingly handsome little boy! I thought I […]