The mom who lost herself…

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Laughter filled her house. She heard tiny footsteps pitter-patter down the hall as children played happily together, imagining they were explorers on a hunt for the lost treasure. Her heart swelled with joy at the sounds of their innocence. She was the mother of many happy children, but a sense of sadness lingered over her. […]

Exciting news: twins, plus one!

Spit and Sparkles: Corbin, Lynley and Jeep make an announcement. #twins #baby

Welcome to our new site! I am in love with the makeover of Spit and Sparkles by the lovely Becca at Jumping Jax Designs. Thank you all for being patient while the site was down. I’m looking forward to posting lots of new material and sharing what’s happening in Corbin and Lynley’s lives. Hey, did […]