A stroll through the park

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  I don’t know when the last time was that I actually went outside for a stroll, let alone through the park or with other mamas! Oh wait, yes I do. It was a few months ago in the Texas summer heat… I had the bright idea to meet friends at the park in our […]

Happy birthday Harper

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Our baby girl, and the baby of our family, just turned one! Happy birthday Harper. To our little pumpkin: You are such a doll. You bring such joy and innocence to our lives. Your smile, your hugs, your kiss-kisses are the best part of the day. I love to watch you dance, and to see […]

The mom who lost herself…

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Laughter filled her house. She heard tiny footsteps pitter-patter down the hall as children played happily together, imagining they were explorers on a hunt for the lost treasure. Her heart swelled with joy at the sounds of their innocence. She was the mother of many happy children, but a sense of sadness lingered over her. […]

My entire life makes sense

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Y’all my WHOLE life makes sense now. I’ve read the love languages book for marriage (it’s been awhile!) and I knew my love language was words of affirmation, but looking at this with my children in mind, it all makes sense now. This took me back, and totally explains why I was always teacher’s pet […]

Harper’s birth story- VBAC after twins

VBAC after twins, successful VBAC, VBAC birth story

We have a new family member! Harper Trudy was born on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 37 weeks, 2 days. This birthing experience was completely different than with the twins. I am happy to say that I successfully delivered VBAC after twins! This had been my hope since my first ultrasound, and it almost wasn’t […]

The worst day of my parenting life

Spit & Sparkles: Worst Day of My Parenting Life #lockedcar #summer #kidsincar

I never in a million years thought I could make such a dumb mistake, but I did. I locked my two year old twins in the car with my keys and my phone! This happened almost a month ago, and I’ve been too traumatized to write about it. I am horrified and embarrassed that this […]

My one simple trick to getting my toddlers to LOVE veggies

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Kids and veggies. It’s an ongoing battle. Let’s face it, most adults hate them too. I am definitely one of those adults. I don’t have the energy or conviction to concoct amazing tasting smoothies packed with three servings of vegetables to give my toddlers; and chances are, they won’t drink it anyway! Then I’m left […]

FunBites Giveaway!

So, you’re a month into the school routine, and maybe you’re starting to feel the excitement wear off and the fatigue set in. You might ask yourself: What could make preparing those lunch box meals easier, and what could make your kids want to eat them? The answer is FunBites. Seriously! Corbin and Lynley love […]