I’ve become my Granny…

I stenciled a pattern on my wall! So something Granny would do. She’s painted designs on her kitchen cabinets, painted the wall behind her stove to look like a tiled backsplash, painted her living room floor to look like ceramic tiles, and the list goes on. I have to say that the crafty gene is […]

Weekend in iPhone Pictures- Easter Edition

Jeep wanted to play too!  Finally planted my daisies, and I really hope the deer stay away this year!    Beautiful church service with some beautiful new Christians becoming baptized.   My sweet nephew and niece with their Easter candy.  Robin eggs and fuzzy slippers!   

Busy weekend and another one ahead

I’m really wishing I would have taken pictures of the weekend, but it slipped my mind until I was ready to make a new post! We had such a great weekend filled with laughs, a few tears and lots of time with friends. Saturday, I attended a baby shower for a really good friend of […]

Birthday/Valentine’s Day in iPhone pictures

It was such a great day yesterday, and I feel very loved and appreciated by my friends, family and co-workers. Here are some pictures: My co-workers gave me a beautiful orchid and a silly card and sang happy birthday.  Hubby sent a lovely flower arrangement and teddy to work!  The boss surprised me […]

Product Review: Mint Plus (robot floor cleaner)

When you have an 80lb. chocolate lab living inside, your floors are going to be dirty. We were shocked to see just how dirty once we ditched the carpet and installed hardwood floors last year! I literally would have to sweep over the floor several times to get all of the hair and dirt up. […]

Weekend in iPhone pictures

Started out with lunch at the Iron Cactus. Next, we stopped in to buy Jeep a new toy! Meet Dino…. we’ll see how long this one survives. And we ended the weekend with a nice walk in our neighborhood.

I chewed a piece of gum for the first time in almost 2 years!

I chewed a piece of gum for the first time in a year and eight months because I am finally at the end of the road with my Clear Correct (just like Invisalign) braces. Words can’t describe my excitement, so here are pictures that my Mom took of me chewing my first piece of gum. And […]

Cookie Ball Semi-FAIL….

I came across a new recipe this week, and I had the perfect ocassion to make them. Our intern at work will be leaving us, and she loved cake balls. I’ve been wanting to make my own, so when I saw a recipe for no-bake cookie balls, I just fell in love. (The semi-fail part […]

Cleaning supplies at CVS for $1.00!

These specials are probably over with, but some of them may still be available. I wasn’t able to go until Saturday, so I almost missed them myself! I realized last week that I was almost out of just about every cleaning product I use, so I was really excited to see that CVS had 2/$6.00 deals on lots of […]

I think we found a church/ A real eye opener

I’m so excited about the possibilities of a new church for us! I’ve wanted to return to church for a while now, and there doesn’t seem to be many choices in Austin. Then I found out that Austin is one of the most churchless cities in the country! What? Well, after searching for months, we […]