Summer Bucket List for Toddlers

Yay for summer! It’s not really anything different for us right now since Corbin and Lynley don’t go to school yet, but there is something about summer that just makes you want to get out and do things. Since the babies are a bit older and can communicate and follow directions better, we are actually able to do more outside and even take little field trips.

So here’s our bucket list for this summer in no particular order. I also listed some developmental milestones and concepts I want the babies to practice and learn:

Pick fresh strawberries from a local patch.
Visit the local Farmer’s Market.
Take swimming lessons.
Go to the splash pad at the park.
Play in the rain. (if it’s not thundering!)
Play in our water table.
Fly a kite.
Go to the aquarium.
Go to the zoo and ride the zoo train.
Create a play garden in the back yard.
Bake cookies together as a family.
Make an outdoor teepee and read books inside.
Have a picnic with friends.
Go to the library for story hour.
Have a puppet show.
Create finger paint artwork for our family members.

Learn how to blow bubbles.
Learn to use the potty.
Learn to eat better with utensils and dinnerware.
Learn how to get dressed.
Learn to count to at least three.
Learn to identify a few colors and shapes.
Start napping later in the afternoon instead of the late morning.

I may have listed too much on our bucket list, but many of these things we can do at home. My overall main goal over the next few months is to get outside more and do engaging activities with the babies. We’ve been completely slacking with Tot School lately, and I’m bored just like Corbin and Lynley. Plus, they’re starting a Mother’s Day Out program in the fall, and I want them to be used to being outdoors, using craft supplies by themselves, eating on their own and generally just being toddlers instead of being in mom’s lap all the time!

What’s on your summer bucket list?

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    You have a lot planned for the summer! I’m you’ll be very busy and having lots of fun doing all of these activities with the twins. Thanks for sharing your summer ideas with us on Merry Monday.