What they don’t tell you about breastfeeding…

When you stop…. ALL of your hair falls out. :(

For the past month, I have been shedding a lot of hair. It’s not just a dozen hairs on the brush either. It’s many handfuls in the shower, after the shower, after blow drying, after brushing. It’s everywhere! And I do mean everywhere. Like in the babies’ diapers everywhere! How in the world???

So I went to the doctor today, and she said I have telogen effluvium. It’s completely normal to experience it after pregnancy and breastfeeding, but since I felt it was excessive and noticing thin spots, I should have blood work drawn to check thyroid levels and iron levels. I’ll get those results Monday. If they come back normal, I just have to wait this out. And it could last up to one year after delivery, so I have 6 more months of wanting to hide my head. Boooooo

In an effort to trick my brain into thinking my hair is thicker again, I got a new shorter haircut. Hopefully, lots of shorter hairs everywhere won’t look as bad to me as lots of long hairs! And I know what you are going to say based on this picture… It doesn’t look bad. Mmmm hmmm, to you it doesn’t! 😛 (no seriously, thank you in advance for thinking this.) If you look closely on the side that isn’t parted, you can see my little baby hairs growing back in. Gag.

Looks like I have a lazy eye! I don’t. I was laughing!



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    I have discovered a little secret to help combat the hair loss: dry shampoo! Since my loss is greater when my hair is wet, I only shampoo once every 3rd or 4th day. In between I use Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. It’s a hair miracle!

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    Oh No! I completely forgot about this!!! AHHH! All of the ‘joys’ of pregnancy and beyond that you forget… I’m in the midst of BFing my second… and now I’m afraid to stop! I also just discovered dry shampoo! It’s my new hero :)