Introducing solids

They did it! Well, sort of…

We introduced Corbin and Lynley to rice cereal on Saturday. I personally would have liked to skip this step and go straight into soft foods. But since they’ve been home from the NICU, the twins have been on some gross vitamins/iron supplement that just messes up their little tummies. I was ready to ditch it, but the only way their Dr. would agree is if we started the cereal. I fully expected them to be ready, but maybe it’s still a bit early? See for yourself. (please excuse my hair! I’m going through some postpartum hair loss that has me pretty upset. This is the best I could do!)



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    So funny .. I’m laughing so hard, I’m crying .. hahaaha Derrick stop laughing .. you keep making me laugh. Oh man …. great job mommy .. they will get it. Corbin is hilarious with his lizard tongue. And Lynley .. Miss Jello …. HILARIOUS! lovies and huggies :)

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    Hahaha…oh that’s too funny…with all that tongue action, I’m surprised you didn’t end up with more in the bowl than you started with…wait until you start introducing real food…then the messes begin. I remember Uncle Drew got hold of a Hershey bar once when he was still in diapers…he had chocolate on almost every square inch of his little body…. :-)

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    Haha. I will have to watch it later with the sound…but I love miss thang screaming while Corbin was eating. They are too cute!!! :-)