The last few months

Derrick’s first meal after surgery, four days later!

The last few months have gone by so fast, and I definitely planned on posting more, but as usual, things got in the way.  In August, Derrick had surgery to correct a digestive issue he’s been suffering with for about 6 years. He’s doing so much better, and he keeps improving as the weeks go by. He feels like he finally has his life back, and we’re both excited about what our future holds with him in good health now.

Bastrop, Texas

September was a devastating month for the Austin area, as wildfires popped up all around us. Several thousand acres and hundreds of homes burned in Bastrop. We traveled through there on our way to visit my family, and the first time we went through there, I just couldn’t stop crying. The forest is now nonexistent, and it’s covered in ash. It’s been about two months now since the fires, and on our way back home from visiting my family this past weekend, we could still smell the singed landscape. It’s just awful, and we continue to pray that we get rain, so this doesn’t happen again.

October seems to have disappeared right before my eyes! We took a wonderful vacation to Cancun at the beginning of the month with Derrick’s family. Eight days of laying by the pool and the beach was so relaxing, and much needed after the last couple of months. It was also Derrick’s first vacation in a long time that he was able to enjoy fully. We visited the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza, partied at the famous Coco Bongo, and went parasailing. We also took some couple pictures with a photgrapher at the resort, and they came out very nice. We’re going to frame a few of them for the house, if we can ever decide which ones! Below are a few of our favorites.


 We ended October with a Halloween party with my family. Mom threw a Murder Mystery party, and it was hilarious. The settting was a wine festival where the body of the former winery owner who disappeared five years ago turned up in the cellar. We each dressed up as the suspects, and read scripts that gave clues. I guessed the killer, but not the motive. Based on these pictures, who do you think the killer was?


Ralph Rottingrape (Brian-BIL), Marilyn Merlot (Katrena-sister)
Tiny Bubbles (Me) and Otto Van Schnaps (Derrick)

Papa Vito (Bruce-stepdad) and Hedy Shablee (Diann-mom)

November will be a full month for us. We’ll celebrate both of our moms’ birthdays, and of course Thanksgiving. We’re also getting a jump start on Christmas shopping and decorating this month. I feel like it’s too early, but while the weather is still warm, Derrick wants to get the lights up, and I can never turn down shopping, especially when a lot of stores have Christmas decor on sale for 50% off right now (Michaels and Kohl’s). I’ve already scored a couple of awesome Christmas gifts for my niece and nephew by being proactive and watching sales. Which brings me to my next post….. extreme couponing!