New opportunities are on the horizon

When I first started blogging about two years ago, it was a way to journal and keep in touch with friends and family. I began posting occasionally about what Derrick and I were up to. And then I started writing about my pregnancy and sharing bump pictures every step of the way. After deciding not to return to my job working in government public relations, I decided I needed my blog to keep my brain working and maintain my writing skills. So, Adventures of Steffany and Derrick became Spit and Sparkles, and I began writing about raising twins and motherhood.

Since then, we’ve started growing. Thank you! We gain new followers each day, and I am so happy to have all of you. People actually enjoy reading our little blog, who knew! :) I love blogging, and sharing our journey as Corbin and Lynley’s parents. And I love “meeting” new bloggers to follow back.

We have the opportunity to get even bigger! Our blog is now being featured on Top Baby Blogs. Will you vote for us? You get one vote every 24 hours, so you can vote every day if you really like us! What is Top Baby Blogs? A ranked directory of the most popular baby blogs and a way to gain new followers and follow back other bloggers.

Other opportunities? I recently posted about the chance to write for and the next issue of Multiplicity Magazine. I submitted a few article ideas, and I am waiting to hear back. Cross your fingers that the editors choose at least one of my ideas.

And lastly… just a reminder that advertising is now available on our blog. Thank you to my lovely sponsors thus far!

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    Are those paying gigs? Just curious….either way I hope you get them. And good luck on top blog…I will be voting. Lovies deary :-)