“We went to the animal fair…”

“The birds and the beasts were there. The big baboon, by the light of the moon, was combing his auburn hair…” And those are the only lyrics of the children’s song that I remember. It’s been more than twenty years, holy cow, but I’ve been singing it to the babies recently because one of their toys plays the music.

My great aunt recorded The Little People sing-a-long on a videotape for my siblings and I when we were very young. The ‘Animal Fair’ was one of my favorites, and I annoyed my sister (probably on purpose) because I never would stop singing it. I really wish I could find a copy of that video now for my babies. But anyway… the point of this post is to talk about us going to the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary!

Derrick and I first visited this zoo as a new couple a few years ago. We were a bit disappointed by it then, having only ever visited the enormous Houston and San Antonio zoos. But, we talked about how perfect it would be to bring our future children to since it was small and not crowded. Today, we got that opportunity. We wanted to get out of the house because we have pretty much become shut-ins! We planned the trip around the babies’ nap time, and we were shocked to not hear a peep out of them the entire car ride there and back and the hour we spent walking around. We cannot brag on them enough for how content they are. If we could give them cookies for being so good we would’ve!

The zoo has definitely improved since we were last there. This time, we saw more tigers, lions and bears. Before, all I remember were some prairie dogs and parrots. They also had a new primate exhibit that we loved.  And one of our favorites, was a big, lazy pig sunning in the mud.

Derrick absolutely loves animals, so it was nice to start sharing one of his passions with our children at such an early age. We will definitely be going back with friends and family very soon!



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    We went to the animal fair
    the birds and the beasts were there
    The big baboon by the light of the moon was combing his auburn hair
    The monkey he took a dunk
    And fell on the elephant’s trunk
    The elephant sneezed and fell to his knees
    And that was the end of the monk…the monk the monk the monk.

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      Google has a bunch of other versions…but that is how I remember it. And I can not find the video ANYWHERE on the internet and I have no idea where our tape is. :( I am going to keep researching because that was the BEST video!!!!!

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      Awe bummer! I really want to find it too. Do you remember exactly what is was called, other than Little People Songs? Remember, Jenny Jenkins? My other favorite :) And there was a hole in the middle of the ground…. Oh the memories!

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    We LOVE visiting the zoo (we’re in KC and our zoo isn’t that great either) – my son is 2 and LOVES it now. We actually have an annual pass this year, so we can go as often as we want. It’s finally warming up so I need to plan another trip soon! :)