Wordless Wednesday: A towel head and a red head

I love Corbin and Lynley’s hair after a bath! Corbin’s is so wild and crazy, as is the face he is making in the picture! And you can actually see Lynley’s hair! Fourth generation red head. :)

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    Thank you! Yes, they are absolutely a gift from God. We thank Him every day for allowing us to be Corbin and Lynley’s parents, and I love being a twin mom especially to a boy and girl set. It’s fun and intriguing to see their development at the same time. And see how girls are different from boys and vice versa.

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    They are absolutely adorable!! I loved this stage and miss my toddler being that young. Bath time was always so much fun. Found you through the Bloglovin Hop at Journeys of the Zoo and started following. Can’t wait to read more!