Sometimes in life, more often than not, we don’t take the time to truly appreciate what we have. I’ve always looked ahead to the next “big thing” in my life, whether it was graduating high school, graduating college, starting a career, advancing in my career, getting married, having children…

I wish away time it seems. I couldn’t wait for the babies to be home from the hospital, or for them to sleep through the night, or for them roll over or reach the next milestone. I even began thinking about the possibility of adding another child to our family the other day. And what if I go back to work sometime. I got a little wrapped up in it for a few days, and then God spoke to me.
Stop. Look around. Take it all in. You are right where you are supposed to be.
twinsThe life I have is full. It is filled with happiness and blessings. I am incredibly thankful to be at this point in my life, and I don’t want to not take the time to appreciate it or thank God for it. Corbin and Lynley have completed my life. I am the happiest I have ever been, and I’m not looking farther ahead anymore than tomorrow. 
Tomorrow, I will snuggle with two little humans that love me unconditionally. I will tickle their tummies, breathe in their baby smell, and rub in the slobbery baby kisses instead of wiping them away. I will let them get messy as they learn to eat and watch them as they explore. I will hold them extra tight and for as long as they want me to. One day it will all change, and that is one thing I definitely am not looking forward to right now.

What are you thankful for today?



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    Great post. I get so wrapped up in the “when” that I lose sight of “now”. I feel truly blessed to have such wonderful girls in my life. I am one lucky momma

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    So glad to hear that your babies are doing well. They’re adorable.

    I had 30-weekers (triplets, identical boys, girl) but our NICU stay didn’t work out so well. I didn’t really get my head out of the clouds for about 18 months. Now at 3.5 years, things are a lot easier.

    I’m thankful that I have two healthy children. Unfortunately, I find a lot of my time consumed with all that I have lost… my son. Regardless, I do the best I can and try and remember that Life is Short.

    I’m here if you ever want to talk.

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    Looking forward to connecting further.

    P.S. Your YouTube button at the top is broken.

    Besos, Sarah
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      Sarah, thank you so much for following us and for sharing your story. I’m so sorry for your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you must carry with you. ((hugs))

      Thanks for letting me know about the youtube button! It’s fixed. :)

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    Today I am thankful that my sister is happy and that I have you in my corner. I am also thankful for my beautiful niece and handsome nephew who melt my heart!!! Nini can’t wait to get some baby kisses in 2 weeks!!!! :-) I love y’all! !!! :-)

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    This is so lovely. I am motivated to bask in every moment. They really do grow up so quickly and life is constantly changing and evolving… I don’t want to rush through a moment of it!

    Wishing you a blessed week.