Thursday Things #4

This is a post about what’s going on outside of baby. I share hobbies Derrick and I are currently in to, and other ramblings. And yes, this is the fourth time I’ve mentioned making this a link party, but next week I promise. This week I am co-hosting a BlogLovin Blog Hop with Sarah from Journeys at the Zoo. Link up here.

Wow, what a week! Let me add a reader warning here. If you don’t like reading about controversial topics like abortion, religion, politics, please visit another post, like my Quick and Easy BBQ Chicken Taquitos or the latest Wordless Wednesday post. Those posts will make you smile. One of my topics this week may not, but it’s something I feel so strongly about that I cannot not bring it up. (It’s at the bottom by the way, so stop reading after #4!)

1. Today is Derrick’s birthday! We celebrated by having lunch at his office with his family. (He works with his family at their family business, so trips up to see Daddy are always fun.) We had Subway sandwiches, a cookie cake and ice cream. Derrick racked up on tennis clothes and also got tennis lessons, a new tennis bag and a pair of sunglasses and other small things. The babies and I gave him a new pair of Reef flip flops, which are the only sandals he will wear. I’m not even going to tell you how much they cost. Let’s just say, that’s the only bday present I bought because I was in sticker shock! We let the babies have a tiny little taste of icing from the cookie cake, and it was hilarious! Corbin just about sucked his grandma’s thumb off! They’ll have to wait until their birthday in October for a real taste of cake.

Eating Grandma’s thumb!

2. I’ve been pinning a lot lately on Pinterest! I have found so many awesome craft projects, cleaning tips and inspirational messages. If you’re not following me, you can do so here. Also, have you noticed the “Pin it” hover button on our photos? With just one click, you can now save all of your favorite Spit and Sparkles posts. You’re welcome! Stay tuned next week for a new post series called “Oh, how Pinteresting,” where I will feature all of the cool projects I’ve found.

3. I’m counting down the days until July 4th! I’m so excited to be going on a mini vacation. The location is not awesome, but the company will be! My mom, step dad, sister and granny are coming to Austin from Orange next Wednesday. Thursday, we are all loading up to travel to Ft. Stockton to meet up with my brother and his new wife and baby boy, who are coming in from in El Paso where he is stationed for the Army. We are all so very excited to meet this newest little member of our family! It’ll be good to see my whole family too, but not gonna lie, really looking forward to new baby kisses and cuddles! There is absolutely nothing to do in Fort Stockton, so this will be interesting how we entertain ourselves with babies in stow. At least there’s a pool at the hotel! Lynley and Corbin have cute little swimsuits to show off, and I’m looking forward to finally using the splash pad I bought for them a couple of months ago. We’ll be back on Saturday, so it’s a quick trip. I shouldn’t miss too much blogging, but I’ll be M.I.A for a couple of days.

4. I discovered BB creams. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should definitely look into using one. BB creams have become pretty popular, but I never understood the hype. It’s basically a tinted moisturizer that provides a little coverage and primes the face before applying makeup. I don’t use a ton of makeup, and I hate foundation. It’s sticky, thick and just all kinds of ‘ewww’ in Texas heat. So, I use Clinique Double Face Powder, which is the perfect amount of coverage for me and has the light feel of a regular powder. However, lately I have been feeling that it’s not enough to cover the new freckles under my eyes! How did that happen? And the dark circles from lack of sleep for the past year. Applying the BB cream first has really helped provide the extra coverage I was looking for and helps the powder last longer. And added bonus… it has sunscreen in it too! You should try it!

**Controversial topic alert!”

5. I very rarely ever talk publicly about controversial issues, but the recent hooplah in the media about the Texas legislature has me peeved! If you’re not familiar with what’s going on, just google ‘Texas Senator Wendy Davis.’ Overnight, she has become some sort of celebrity for being anti-life. It sickens me. The issue being debated on the floor, SB5, was not one about Women’s Rights. It was about the Right to Life. It was about protecting the unborn and banning abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy when babies can feel pain. It’s a human rights issue, and the idea that anyone is ok with ending a pregnancy after 20 weeks is just unfathomable. I personally know moms whose babies were born at 23, 25 and 26 weeks and they are now several years old and thriving. As a preemie mom myself, (mine were born at 31wks) I also got to know some of the moms in the NICU with me and watch the miracle of these tiny, little humans fighting and surviving. I’m so happy that Gov. Perry has called another special session of the legislature to revisit this issue. Hopefully, all of the shenanigans won’t occur again and the bill to protect life will pass. I’m praying for this, and I’m praying for a change of heart for all the mothers who may be considering an abortion, and all of the unborn babies faced with this inhumane procedure.

The following photos are ones that I’ve never shared before. These are moments so personal and special to me that I feel truly capture the emotion of becoming a mother and being thankful for life! Life that almost was taken away from us, but because of the innate will to survive and God’s miracles, my babies are with me.

Just hours after giving birth, I held Corbin and Lynley for the first time.

Holding Corbin for the first time.


Holding Lynley for the first time.
Lynley was so tiny that Derrick’s wedding band fit almost completely over her hand.

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  1. says

    #5 is exactly how I feel. I understand there are good reasons to want to terminate a pregnancy…I have compassion for the incent and rape victims who want to do so….BUT asap not after 20 weeks. I don’t see a reason to wait 5 months into a pregnancy and then “decide” it is what you want..that is wrong. There are alternatives that are better for your child. There are plenty of families who pray everyday for a baby and are unable to make it a reality…that baby that was terminated could be loved by them. Ok…now…Happy Birthday Derrick. I am glad the babies had fun with Daddy!!!!! And Nini has a surprise for Lynley and Corbin on their birthday that involves a free treat!!!! Can’t wait to see yall next week!!!!! :-) Lovies dearies!!!!! :-)

  2. says

    I love you Steffany Valene Brewer (Palmer) Duke!!!!
    Enough said ………….. LOVIES and HUGGIES

    Mommy aka Nanner :)

    By the way … happy birthday Derrick .. again .. haha
    Lovies to you too :)

  3. says

    wow!!! happy birthday first of all! my best wishes!

    and the photos are simply amazing!!!! thank you for sharing!

    (new follower from Friday Fan Blog Hop)

  4. says

    Hi, i so agree with you. Abortion is wrong period. I feel sickened by pro-abortion advocates who say it is a women’s health issue. I think it is a human rights issue too. I agree with abortion only when the life of the mother is in jeopardy, rape and incest. With that said, I don’t think we will ever be able to outlaw abortion again. We need to work on another way to bring down the number of abortions. I think the commercials in the 90s were so great. The campaign was called “Choose Love.”

  5. says

    That’s hysterical … Brian’s birthday is tomorrow and he totally wants new Reefs! Love it :)

    (¸¤ Lanaya | xoxo

  6. says

    Hey Steffany,

    I took a long nap with my son (we got back from Bangkok last night) but now I am back at reading your posts.
    I checked out Reef sandals and they are not that bad. I wear only a pair of Birkenstock… If you want something very specific and foot friendly it will be for higher price. How many month in a year can your husband wear his scandals?
    I currently live on an island and here you do not need normal shoes…

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