Happy half birthday!

It’s been such a beautiful blur making it to this point, the six month celebration! It was actually on the 20th, but we just had the checkup today, so I wanted to wait to include their stats. Motherhood so far has been wonderful, chaotic, stressful and frustrating at times, but most of all rewarding. Seeing these two little faces every day smiling at me, just makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

Love it, right? More family photos in the Texas bluebonnets on our facebook page!

Corbin weighed in at 14lbs today! For his actual age of 6 months, he is in the 3rd percentile overall. For corrected age of 4ish months, he is in the 20th percentile. Not too shabby! We discussed everything we’ve been through about his big noggin, and his dr. is attributing the brain bleed to just being born premature and his head size to a family trait. And we feel better about all of the tests ran on him, even though it was hell, because his pedi would’ve had us do it this week if we hadn’t already due to the continual growth. His head measures in the 90th percentile. Maybe they wouldn’t have seen the bleed by now, but what’s done is done. We can rest assured that he is just fine. For corrected age, Corbin is exceeding his peers in developmental milestones and for actual age, he is right on track. He smiles, knows his name, sucks his thumb, grabs toys and brings them to his mouth. His favorite toy is the linking rings. He rolls over front to back and back to front, scoots around on his tummy and tries to army crawl. He can sit with assistance, but face plants immediately without (notice Derrick’s finger in the above pic!) He babbles, blows bubbles and laughs! He wears size 2 diapers and 3mo and 3-6mo clothes, eats 6oz bottles 5 times a day, and is becoming more interested in solid food, especially pears! (but ewwww, gag, blech on those diapers after pears!) And the best milestone….. sleeping 9 hours! HOORAY, a schedule/routine has emerged. Praise God!

Lynley weighs 11lb 6.4oz, which is about 1lb and 4oz more than she weighed last month. This is real progress for her. I think putting her on all formula has helped, and introducing solids. She eats rice cereal in the morning and has a veggie or fruit (again with the pears, it’s like baby crack) twice a day and drinks 5, 5oz bottles per day. She also sleeps 9 hours at night. As far as percentiles, she is still teeny tiny, but her growth curve is nice, and we expect her to actually chart, although low, by the next checkup. She babbles, laughs, rolls over front to back and back to front. She can squirm around on her tummy, especially to the corner of the crib where she pokes her hand down in between the rails and the mattress. Thank goodness we have the mesh bumpers! She smiles a lot, especially when you say good morning, responds to the name pretty baby and sometimes her actual name, Lynley! sucks her thumb, grabs at toys and brings them to her mouth. Her favorite is a little bee with long legs that buzzes. She can sit unassisted for a few seconds. Doesn’t care for the swing anymore, and is tolerating the bumbo for short periods. She loves her rocking chair with the toys that hang and rattle. (Corbin loves his too.) She wears size 2 diapers, and is finally filling out the size 3mo clothes, but wears many 0-3mo things still. She can fit into a couple of 3-6mo pieces that run on the smaller side. My favorite thing she wears is shoes! This girl has some cute sandals and boots. [I wish I could get her brother to wear shoes. He immediately kicks off anything on his feet, even socks.]

And now a couple of notes to my precious babies that will hopefully read this one day.

To Corbin: You are my sweet little man. I love the way you lay your head on my shoulder when I pick you up from a nap and you’re not quite ready to be awake yet. You nuzzle up to my neck, and it’s so sweet that I have learned to love the moose kisses that come with it. You are a very curious little baby, and I have a feeling, I’ll have to keep my eye on you because you’re so quiet. One minute, you’re on the play mat, and the next, you are across the living room on the bare floor licking away. I also love when you blow bubbles and mimmick me when I stick my tongue out at you. I look forward to our play time, and I love you bigger than this whole world!

To Lynley: You are my pretty baby, and my mini me. You are beautiful, and your smile just melts my heart. I love the way your little nose crinkles when you smile really big after waking up and seeing me or Daddy. I love the way you reach for me and look for me in the room. You are our little sidekick, and you want to be right in the middle of the action. You would much rather play with mommy or daddy than by yourself, and you’re beginning to play with your brother. I laugh when you are both on the mat together and you put your feet in face. He licks them, and you smile! You just make my day, and I love you to the moon and back.



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    Wow…. second blogger that had boy/girl twins that I’ve found! A fellow blogger just had b/g twins a couple weeks ago and their names are Colby and Clara! Let me know if you’d like their page url! LOVE the name Lynley for a girl! Newest follower!

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    Oh my…Corbin is a licker huh?!? LOL Lynley puts her feet in his face….hmmm that sounds very familiar…lol. I miss my peas.