Wordless Wednesday: Laundry

My nemesis is at it again…. I hate you laundry! This is a throwback post. Yeah, I know it’s not Thursday. But THIS is how I’m feeling today.

If only, they could truly help me fold these piles!
Laundry, oh laundry
How I dislike you so
No matter how many washed loads, you just seem to grow
Piles upon piles scatter our home
Some as big as the Astrodome
Laundry, oh laundry
Why won’t you stay clean?
Bibs, burp clothes, undies and everything in between
To keep up for just one day, that is the dream
But with baby twins, that’ll never happen it seems
Laundry, oh laundry
Please, won’t you grant this wish I make
Go away for a day, this mommy needs a break

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