Changing the Face of Beauty

Photo Credit: Dominik Martin/Unsplash Changing the face of beauty- this topic is not something that is new to women. Dove is just one example of a company that embraces all shapes and colors of women in their campaigns. The concept is inspiring. As role models to our children, we should acknowledge our differences and teach […]

Early Potty Teaching Twins {Part 2}

We’re well into our potty teaching routine now after two and a half weeks. We’ve had lots of successes, but many more accidents. It’s ok. They are learning, and they are starting to catch on. This process for me is not about the quick fix. It’s a transition period that needs lots of patience and […]

Our Approach to Early Potty Teaching Twins {Part 1}

* Disclosure: this post is not meant to come off as judgy against anyone else’s parenting methods. I’m just sharing ours, so if you came here with your panties (<heehee) in a twist, skip this post! Corbin and Lynley are undergoing so many changes these days that I can barely keep up. They’ve both hit […]

Inspirational Quote Art for Graduates {Printables}

This year, I have the honor of knowing three graduates! I am so proud of all of them. I created a couple of printables with some of my favorite quotes to give as gifts. (Details on how to download below.) My amazing mother just earned her master’s degree after many, many years of studying and […]

Guest Post on Sew Crafty Angel

I recently wrote a blog post about letting my son like the color pink and letting him play with girl toys. He’s 1.5 years old, so I tell the naysayers to GET OVER IT! I’m also telling the so-called “parenting experts” the same when it comes to telling my daughter that she is pretty. Head […]

Little Buckaroo Birthday Party {Free Printables}

Yeehaw, Levi is one! My sweet nephew had his first birthday party last weekend, and it was such a blast. The babies and I have been in my hometown for almost a week now, and this was one of the reasons why. I had the pleasure of creating some little buckaroo birthday decorations for Levi, […]