Happiness Happens in Ordinary Moments

What does happiness mean to you? My husband always says that happiness is a choice- to be satisfied with what you have, to be kind, to love and let others love you. I think in this instance, (which doesn’t happen very often!) he is right! I believe that happiness happens in ordinary, every day moments. […]

{Giveaway} Easy Canvas Prints

Easy Canvas Print Giveaway Hosted by a day in the tangled skeins of my life Sponsored by Easy Canvas Prints Are you looking for a company that can take your beloved pictures and transform them into wonderful canvas prints for your home? You should look into easycanvasprints.com! They have many sizes to choose from, including […]

A vacation without kids

Going on vacation without two high-maintenance toddlers seems like a dream come true, right? Well it kind of was, and I’m not sorry for admitting that I enjoyed my few days of sleeping in and not dealing with a tiny diva and a little boy who has discovered how to kick and hit! This was […]