Great weekend & tons of projects coming up!

Good Monday morning everyone! Derrick and I had a nice relaxing weekend, and we needed it because things are about to get super busy!  We got some much needed cleaning done on Saturday, and I still have more to go.  I will be cleaning closets this week.  Donating old clothes and shoes, and trying to […]

I am in love with this new nail polish!

Peachy Breeze by Sally Hansen I bought this nail polish at Target the other day because the bright color caught my eye.  Then I read Insta-dry.  Hmmm, could that actually be possible and not turn out looking like crap?  The answer is: YES!  It totally works and looks great.  I painted my nails on my […]

Celebrating our second in San Francisco!

Wow!  What a fantastic weekend we had.  We both absolutely loved San Francisco, and I think we’ll be visiting there again some time.  There is so much that we didn’t get to do, but we enjoyed all the things we did have a chance to see. HOTEL:  We woke up so early because it felt […]

Today marks 2 years of wedded bliss!

On March 7, 2009, I married the most amazing man.  I am discovering more and more each day just how much I truly love him.  I never thought I could laugh so much, but with Derrick everything is fun.  I love how he makes me smile, and I love his spirit.  I feel so blessed […]

My first post!

I’ve wanted to give blogging a try for a while now, but I was just too lazy to get one started.  It’s actually easier than I thought!  So be prepared to be overloaded with my awesomeness! Since I’m not sure how to really begin, I’ll just tell you all what you can expect in my […]