Let the lucky streak continue!

April has just been our month this year! I’ve been applying for different jobs with the state for a few months because I’d like to get back into more of a media related job than what I do now.  I haven’t gotten any hits until last week! I went on an interview at a different […]

Workout Wednesdays!

Exercise/Fitness tip of the week: Take 10 minutes out of your day and do this workout! It’s the highly anticipated sexy legs workout I’ve been promising! This is my go to video for a quick and dirty leg workout. It really targets the areas I want to work on like outer thighs and booty. What […]

Garden party!

Mom, me and Katrena  A huge thanks to my family for driving all the way to Austin to help make over our flower beds! They look so much better than they did, and I love the color that we have now. Here are some before, during and after pictures. Derrick Dad Jeep Me Derrick and […]

Yummy Cilantro Lime Rice!

I discovered a new blog a couple of weeks ago that has some great healthy recipes.  Because I am in love with burrito bowls from Chipotle, I loved coming across this rice recipe.  I have failed at trying to make my own burrito bowl at home many times, and now I know why.  I forgot […]

Workout Wednesdays!

Exercise/Fitness Tip of the week: Do squats or pushups during commercial breaks while you’re watching TV. Or if you aren’t super motivated, how about a little bit of stretching? The idea is to maximize your time, so if you just can’t miss that episode of Grey’s Anatomy, but feel guilty for skipping your workout, do […]

You have to read these books!

I have been reading like crazy since Christmas when my sweet hubby got me a Nook as my gift, and my awesome family loaded me up with more than $250 worth of gift cards. I’ve read lots of books that I haven’t recommended because I tend to keep reading even when I’m not really interested […]

Workout Wednesdays

A lot of the blogs I follow have days devoted to tips or recipes or other things. So I decided to start Workout Wednesdays.  I’ve been exercising regularly again for the past few weeks, and I feel so great. I’d like to share some of my workouts and tips with everyone, and if you don’t get […]

Who wants to come over and slide on my floor?

Because you can do that now! There will be lots of “Kramering” going on at my house. 😉 Those of you who don’t know what that is, don’t ask! Here are some before, during and after pictures of the installation. I didn’t do great with the before pictures because we had already moved stuff out […]

My thumb is greener than I thought!

I’ve never been great at gardening, and I’ve killed many plants.  However, I like to blame some of my failure on the hot Texas sun because there is just no where in our yard to get away from it. Our house faces west, so we get lots of bright sun, and we have zero trees […]

Wood floor installation from hell!

I wanted to wait and make my next post about our beautiful new floors with before and after pictures, but since that may be awhile, I’ll give you all the low-down on what’s going on. The install started on Saturday morning, and we expected it to be a one day job. However, we were given […]