Harper’s birth story- VBAC after twins

VBAC after twins, successful VBAC, VBAC birth story

We have a new family member! Harper Trudy was born on Thursday, September 24, 2015 at 37 weeks, 2 days. This birthing experience was completely different than with the twins. I am happy to say that I successfully delivered VBAC after twins! This had been my hope since my first ultrasound, and it almost wasn’t […]

The worst day of my parenting life

Spit & Sparkles: Worst Day of My Parenting Life #lockedcar #summer #kidsincar

I never in a million years thought I could make such a dumb mistake, but I did. I locked my two year old twins in the car with my keys and my phone! This happened almost a month ago, and I’ve been too traumatized to write about it. I am horrified and embarrassed that this […]

The results are in & we’re having a….

Spit and Sparkles gender reveal! It's a ... #pinkorblue #genderreveal

Who is now outnumbered in our house? The answer kind of surprised me! We had our anatomy scan a few weeks ago. Everything looked perfect, and we found out that we’re adding another ?? to our family. I’ll let Corbin and Lynley announce it with this cute video we got of them during the balloon […]

Car trips with toddlers made easier

Car trips with toddlers made easier with a VersaVia seat cover! #giveaway #win #toddlers #travel

What does your backseat look like right now? Ours is usually littered with crumbs, spilled milk, snack trash, and toys. I’ve discovered a way to at least fix a couple of those issues. A backseat car cover placed under the car seats! No more milk circles on the leather or unreachable goldfish that no matter […]

My one simple trick to getting my toddlers to LOVE veggies

Spit and Sparkles Love My Veggies Giveaway #veggies #toddlers #pickyeaters

Kids and veggies. It’s an ongoing battle. Let’s face it, most adults hate them too. I am definitely one of those adults. I don’t have the energy or conviction to concoct amazing tasting smoothies packed with three servings of vegetables to give my toddlers; and chances are, they won’t drink it anyway! Then I’m left […]

Exciting news: twins, plus one!

Spit and Sparkles: Corbin, Lynley and Jeep make an announcement. #twins #baby

Welcome to our new site! I am in love with the makeover of Spit and Sparkles by the lovely Becca at Jumping Jax Designs. Thank you all for being patient while the site was down. I’m looking forward to posting lots of new material and sharing what’s happening in Corbin and Lynley’s lives. Hey, did […]