How to Watermark Your Photos for Instagram & Other Social Media

This is the third post in a series on the importance of watermarking photos. You can find the reason behind our new graphic watermark here, and a tutorial on how to create your own here. This post will detail how to watermark your photos for Instagram and other social media by using your phone. I […]

How to Protect Your Kid’s Photos on Facebook + Watermark Tutorial

After my recent post on my twins’ photos being stolen, I received a lot of requests for a tutorial on how to watermark photos. I cannot stress the importance of a complex, graphic watermark enough, especially for bloggers. But even if you don’t blog, you should still consider watermarking your photos. Here’s why: 1. With […]

The Importance of Watermarking Photos

I’ve heard of this type of “cyber crime” happening to other bloggers, and I knew that it could definitely happen to me too, but I never realized just how far someone would go. If you’ve noticed, I’ve always had a small watermark on all of my photos. I do this to deter others from snatching […]