Car trips with toddlers made easier

Car trips with toddlers made easier with a VersaVia seat cover! #giveaway #win #toddlers #travel

What does your backseat look like right now? Ours is usually littered with crumbs, spilled milk, snack trash, and toys. I’ve discovered a way to at least fix a couple of those issues. A backseat car cover placed under the car seats! No more milk circles on the leather or unreachable goldfish that no matter […]

Corbin and Lynley are TWO!

Last weekend, we celebrated Corbin and Lynley’s second birthday. (A post about that coming soon!) It was a wonderful day with our families, friends and neighbors, but it still zipped by just a bit too fast for me. Something happens at age two. The little babies that needed mama for everything drift a little farther […]