Changing the Face of Beauty

Photo Credit: Dominik Martin/Unsplash Changing the face of beauty- this topic is not something that is new to women. Dove is just one example of a company that embraces all shapes and colors of women in their campaigns. The concept is inspiring. As role models to our children, we should acknowledge our differences and teach […]

A Little Egg Hunt + Matilda Jane GIVEAWAY

It’s official. My sweet twins are no longer baby babies. They’re full-on toddlers on the verge of small kid status. They are seriously making our heads spin with all of the developments/milestones lately. One of those is mastering picking up and putting away. What better way to practice this new skill than with an Easter […]

Trendy Tot Tuesday & Matilda Jane Giveaway

We’re giving away another $50 gift card to our new favorite girls’ clothing store! Matilda Jane outfits are fun, trendy and whimsical, and we are so happy to have the chance to review another few pieces from the Paint by Numbers collection. Matilda Jane Clothing designs are youthful, playful, and expressive. Their approach to texture, pattern […]