My one simple trick to getting my toddlers to LOVE veggies

Spit and Sparkles Love My Veggies Giveaway #veggies #toddlers #pickyeaters

Kids and veggies. It’s an ongoing battle. Let’s face it, most adults hate them too. I am definitely one of those adults. I don’t have the energy or conviction to concoct amazing tasting smoothies packed with three servings of vegetables to give my toddlers; and chances are, they won’t drink it anyway! Then I’m left […]

A Little Egg Hunt + Matilda Jane GIVEAWAY

It’s official. My sweet twins are no longer baby babies. They’re full-on toddlers on the verge of small kid status. They are seriously making our heads spin with all of the developments/milestones lately. One of those is mastering picking up and putting away. What better way to practice this new skill than with an Easter […]

Add Style to Your Child’s Wardrobe with Sweet Lucy Jack {Blogiversary Sponsor Highlight}

Trendy clothes for toddlers can be quite expensive; and let’s face it, they don’t wear them longer than a few months, so it’s definitely not worth the splurge. But, Sweet Lucy Jack is different and affordable! I was thrilled when I was asked to review a pair of baby leggings because SLJ doesn’t just carry […]

One Year Blogiversary {Giveaway}

Happy birthday to us! Spit and Sparkles is celebrating one year of blogging. And it’s been spectacular. As a thank you to my loyal followers and friends, I’m giving away a HUGE bundle of prizes to one lucky person. I am so jealous of who will win this already! Several of my blogging friends have […]

Trendy Tot Tuesday & Matilda Jane Giveaway

We’re giving away another $50 gift card to our new favorite girls’ clothing store! Matilda Jane outfits are fun, trendy and whimsical, and we are so happy to have the chance to review another few pieces from the Paint by Numbers collection. Matilda Jane Clothing designs are youthful, playful, and expressive. Their approach to texture, pattern […]

Gifts that Give Back: Building Homes with Hoodies

I’m featuring Habitat for Humanity in our next installment of the Gifts that Give Back campaign. If you missed our introduction post, here’s a quick recap. I’m partnering with Do Good Buy Us again to promote some awesome new campaigns, and offer a giveaway with FOUR winners! One grand prize winner will win a $25 […]