{How to} Pain-free Earrings for Babies

Earrings might be one of my favorite accessories, especially for little girls. It’s right up there with necklaces, but since Lynley is not quite old enough to wear necklaces without choking herself or giving herself welts from pulling on them, necklaces are out of the picture (except of course her teething necklace)! Earrings are the […]

Introducing Porch.com + $50 off at Hayneedle

I’m so excited to introduce all of you to an amazing new site, called Porch.com, and to announce that I’ll be joining their team as a “chief mom officer.” Porch is America’s first home improvement network, where you can see neighbors’ home projects, what they spent, the professionals they used and view data on 75 […]

Designing a kid’s play room

Transforming our guest room into a play room is harder than I expected! Through my hours of Pinterest searching for inspiration, I found more rooms for older kids and not necessarily baby play rooms. I’m in a bit of a creative block! I’d like a room that will transition, just like how we decorated the […]